Assistant ProfessorHarvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

email: kiyoul at seas dot harvard dot edu 
Identifiers: Web of Science Research ID AAI-4141-2020, ORCID 0000-0002-0587-3201

Research interest: Integrated Photonic-Electronic systems
Integrated Nonlinear Optics at Quantum or Classical Scale; Integrated Nonlinear Multimode Photonics; Photonic integrated circuits with inverse design; Nanofabrications; Photonic Systems for Computation, Spectroscopy, Sensing, Communications, and Metrology.


Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering Caltech (with K.Vahala; Ph.D. thesis) 2017
M.S. in Electrical Engineering KAIST (with K.Choi2010
B.A. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science KAIST  2008

Academic Experience

Harvard   Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering 2023-
Stanford  Postdoc/ Research Scientist (with J.Vučković) 2018-2021/ 2021-2022
Caltech   Graduate Research Assistant/ Postdoc (with K.Vahala) 2011-2017/ 2017-2018

- Research Visitor:
Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light (with P.Del'Haye; 2022), UCF CREOL (with P.Delfyett; 2022&2021), 
NIST (with S.Diddams; 2014), Imperial College London (with S.Maier; 2010) 

Distinctions & Fellowships

Herbert Walther Fellowship, Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light  2022.09
Paul F. Forman Team Engineering Excellence AwardThe Optical Society  2020.09
Nano- and Quantum Science and Engineering Postdoc Fellowship, Stanford University  2018.01
Atwood Graduate Fellowship, Caltech  2010.07

Publication Metrics 

h-index > 30, Total citation > 5000, average citations per journal article > 100 (source: google scholar).
45 Peer-reviewed journals (Nature:1, Science: 4, Nature Photonics: 10, Nature Physics: 1, Nature Communications: 7)

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Professional Services

Editorial Advisory Board for ACS Photonics (2023 - 2025)
Guest Editor of ACS Photonics, Special Issue on Optimized Photonics and Inverse Design (2022)
Technical Program Committe at IEEE Photonics Conference (2019 - 2021), Optica Advanced Photonics Congress (2023)
Regular reviewer for Nature, Science, Nature Photonics, Science Advances, Nature Computational Science, Physical Review X, Optica, Laser & Photonics Reviews, ACS Photonics, Photonics Research, Nanophotonics, Applied Physics Letters, Optics Letters, IEEE Open Journal of Solid-State Circuits Society, Optics Express, JOSA B, Applied Optics etc.