Broadband dispersion-engineered microresonator on a chip


Ki Youl Yang, Katja Beha, Daniel C Cole, Xu Yi, Pascal Del'Haye, Hansuek Lee, Jiang Li, Dong Yoon Oh, Scott A Diddams, Scott B Papp, and Kerry J Vahala. 2016. “Broadband dispersion-engineered microresonator on a chip.” Nature Photonics, 10, 5, Pp. 316–320. Publisher's Version


The control of dispersion in fibre optical waveguides is of critical importance to optical fibre communications systems and more recently for continuum generation from the ultraviolet to the mid-infrared. The wavelength at which the group velocity dispersion crosses zero can be set by varying the fibre core diameter or index step. Moreover, sophisticated methods to manipulate higher-order dispersion so as to shape and even flatten the dispersion over wide bandwidths are possible using multi-cladding fibres. Here we introduce design and fabrication techniques that allow analogous dispersion control in chip-integrated optical microresonators, and thereby demonstrate higher-order, wide-bandwidth dispersion control over an octave of spectrum. Importantly, the fabrication method we employ for dispersion control simultaneously permits optical Q factors above 100 million, which is critical for the efficient operation of nonlinear optical oscillators. Dispersion control in high-Q systems has become of great importance in recent years with increased interest in chip-integrable optical frequency combs.
Last updated on 07/30/2022