Photonic crystal resonators for inverse-designed multi-dimensional optical interconnects


C. Shirpurkar, J. Zang, K. Y. Yang, D. Carlson, S. P Yu, E. Lucas, S. V. Pericherla, J. Yang, M.Guidry, D.Lukin, G.H.Ahn, J. Lu, L. Trask, F. Aflatouni, J.Vučković, S. B. Papp, and P. J. Delfyett. 2022. “Photonic crystal resonators for inverse-designed multi-dimensional optical interconnects.” Optics Letters, 47, 12, Pp. 3063–3066. Publisher's Version


We experimentally demonstrate a 400 Gbit/s optical communication link utilizing wavelength-division multiplexing and mode-division multiplexing for a total of 40 channels. This link utilizes a novel, to the best of our knowledge, 400 GHz frequency comb source based on a chip-scale photonic crystal resonator. Silicon-on-insulator photonic inverse-designed 4 × 4 mode-division multiplexer structures enable a fourfold increase in data capacity. We show less than -10 dBm of optical receiver power for error-free data transmission in 34 out of a total of 40 channels using a PRBS31 pattern.
Last updated on 07/29/2022