Photonic Inverse Design of On-Chip Microresonators


Geun Ho Ahn, Ki Youl Yang, Rahul Trivedi, Alexander D. White, Logan Su, Jinhie Skarda, and Jelena Vučković. 2022. “Photonic Inverse Design of On-Chip Microresonators.” ACS Photonics, 9, 6, Pp. 1875-1881. Publisher's Version


The automation of device design enabled by optimization and machine learning techniques has been transformative for photonics. While this automation has been successful for nonresonant devices, automated photonic design has remained elusive for resonant devices, key elements for on-chip communication technologies of biosensing and quantum optics, due to their highly nonconvex optimization landscapes. We propose a framework that solves this problem by mapping the design of photonic resonators to a set of nonresonant design problems. We theoretically and experimentally demonstrate this framework and show flexible dispersion engineering, a quality factor beyond 2 million on silicon-on-insulator with single-mode operation, and selective wavelength-band operation.
Last updated on 07/07/2022