Supercontinuum generation in an on-chip silica waveguide


Dong Yoon Oh, David Sell, Hansuek Lee, Ki Youl Yang, Scott A. Diddams, and Kerry J. Vahala. 2014. “Supercontinuum generation in an on-chip silica waveguide.” Optics Letters, 39, 4, Pp. 1046–1048. Publisher's Version


Supercontinuum generation is demonstrated in an on-chip silica spiral waveguide by launching 180&\#xA0;fs pulses from an optical parametric oscillator at the center wavelength of 1330&\#xA0;nm. With a coupled pulse energy of 2.17&\#xA0;nJ, the broadest spectrum in the fundamental TM mode extends from 936 to 1888&\#xA0;nm (162&\#xA0;THz) at &\#x2212;50&\#x2009;&\#x2009;dB from peak. There is a good agreement between the measured spectrum and a simulation using a generalized nonlinear Schr&\#xF6;dinger equation.
Last updated on 07/30/2022