Universal isocontours for dissipative Kerr solitons


Xinbai Li, Boqiang Shen, Heming Wang, Ki Youl Yang, Xu Yi, Qi-Fan Yang, Zhiping Zhou, and Kerry Vahala. 2018. “Universal isocontours for dissipative Kerr solitons.” Optics Letters, 43, 11, Pp. 2567–2570. Publisher's Version


Dissipative Kerr solitons can be generated within an existence region defined on a space of normalized pumping power versus cavity-pump detuning frequency. The contours of constant soliton power and constant pulse width in this region are studied through measurement and simulation. Such isocontours impart structure to the existence region and improve understanding of soliton locking and stabilization methods. As part of the study, dimensionless, closed-form expressions for soliton power and pulse width are developed (including Raman contributions). They provide isocontours in close agreement with those from the full simulation, and, as universal expressions, can simplify the estimation of soliton properties across a wide range of systems.
Last updated on 07/30/2022